Thursday, August 20, 2009

what work means?

if i were to recollect some of the most impressionable and ideational days of my college life,i would definitely say that 2nd year was the time when i met a person with an impeccable personality.his name was 'ram pariksheet kumar',he resided along with a couple of my friends in a private hostel and thats how i had come in contact with him.he was a self composed person who never wrangled,complained or divuldged anything about himself or others,for this reason many of my friends found him very eccentric.he would always acknowledge,assess,ponder notions and ideas and then give an underlining statement which used to be a universally acceptable solution for any of the problems that my friends used to face in the private hostel.soon he had become a consultant for both their proffesional and personal related problems.hailing from a not very rich family affording education was difficult for him,although he had somehow managed to finish graduation his financial support to his family back in bihar was highly imperative as he had a younger brother and a sister pursuing studies and so he worked hard till late in the night as a sales matter how difficult the situations used to be,he never lost his patience,his intransigence in even such difficult circumstances was remarkable.i remember an incident on a saturday morning when my friends were getting ready and i was around to pick one of my friends and leave for college,someone decided to take an off and planned to go for a movie.moments later we all had agreed to miss the college and go for the movie.we thought of taking ram kumar along,i was the one who ended up persuading him to come along but in vain.ram kumar reprimanded such ideas in the first place and was always reluctant to come in situations like these.when we asked him that why he would never accompany us in such situations,he replied with a grin 'i have an appointment with god'.we laughed for sometime as if he had cracked a joke but later on when we asked him about what he exactly meant by his words he replied saying that to him his work was like an appointment with god,because it was by virtue of his work that he used to earn money and send it back to his house where it supported his was by virtue of his work alone that his skill was reflected in front of his clients and seniors which would fetch him an appraisal.and as he was supposed to fend for himself it was again because of his work alone that he was able to do him work was like god which had given him all those entities that were essential for him.his philosophy of work had left an everlasting impression in the minds of all of us who had known him.for him living an errant and a paradoxial life was not an option owing to the responsibilities and self righteousness that he had build inside ram is a sales manager with amway co. ltd.surely ram will remain to be one of the most influential images in my life.


  1. a lot of people influence our lives but a very few lucky ones can recognize and appreciate seem to be one of them :)
    i, personally feel that everyone comes into our life for a reason, with a purpose.
    nice're pretty deep..look forward to reading more from you. :)

  2. i reckon that every person leaves an impression and then its for us to conclude that what can be learnt at best from such an impression!!

  3. Very well said Arvind, its very true that "every person leaves an impression and then its for us to conclude that what can be learnt at best from it"....but be sure that once the conclusions are set right, u follow them religiously and have patience...At the end of the day pepl would appreciate you by ur work....
    Thanks for giving me a oppertunity to read ur post....Its was a nice one....looking forward to read more of them...

  4. thanx for the piece of advice sir,iam a strong believer of the fact that only a compassionate man enjoys his life because he loves what he does.if one feel's that he's not doing something where his passion lies he will only live life by the day which is a crime.when one's passion becomes his profession it calls in for an endeavour which continuosuly improves his/her performance..someone like be honest,i never learnt any thing expedient from that place.but ur dedication to work left an impession.