Saturday, August 22, 2009

my take on 'into the wild'

'into the wild' was a movie that a friend of mine had reffered to me about an year back,although i was never much into watching movies with hypothetically candid themes or movies with accentuating drama,i did happen to watch it.honestly,it had an alluring effect on me unlike most of the movies.the character of chris mccandles played by emile hirsch is the lynchpin of the movie.the character has given a beautiful tinge of realism to the vitiated society as depicted in the movie.the movie is not a decried attempt on underlining the fact that our society lacks a number of essential entities and human values and is collaterally biased towards more of monetary based success rather than essential elements of life such as love,affection,care,brotherhood.etc.its neither a haggled attempt of proving a point to the audience,its a reality which depicts the consequences and outcomes on the mindset of a common youth which has lacked proper nurturing like most of the cases.overwhelming desires of parents,burden of responsibilities,overwhelming expectations,monetary based mindsets of people in general causes chris mccandles to reach a confound state where he beholds freedom and hapiness only by boycotting and evading from the usual society establishments and get a taste of the wild.staying in the wild away from the boundations of any human relationships is his way of feeling and experiencing freedom.but this was the point which got me into a perplexed state of mind.evading from the ground reality of our society's establishment and structure maybe a way of experiencing freedom but our purpose of life becomes paradoxial at the same time.everyone agrees that our society has an eccentric way of looking at a number of things at times but that is the way we have made it.its realm is commanded by the ideological and philosophical thinking of the common people.undoubtedly,its intransigence restricts our actions and our freedom but it has remained that way from a very long time and will remain to be the same unless we as its pillars make the efforts to change the outlook of people about a variety of things in life.often we are at loggerheads with a number of people about things that we find right and they dont this also includes quarrels with family,friends,acquaintances and a number of different people,but coming to stage of mutual understanding and agreement comes only by virtue of the fact that how much do we ponder before we make an underlining statement or present an ideational fact in front of others which is in a state of convincing them about our ideology.baseless wrangling is never a solution to changing mindset or outlook of our society.according to me effort has to be made by one and all to change outlook of the society about a number of things that we find wrong.changing the perception and outlook of people calls in for an ensnared effort with reasons that are viable and expedient.youth have an immense amount of trapped energy and enthusiasm inside them,it has to come out with a reason to bring about a change which is necessary and mutually agreed by everyone.undertaking such an effort is imperative as it is one of the purposes of our life to bring a change that is fruitful for everyone.

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