Tuesday, August 25, 2009

promulgate ideas and face recrimination

bjp's decision of expelling 'jaswant singh' has indeed become a topic of national interest,everyday i get to read new updates on recent developments with regards to the same.this clearly indicates the declining quality of political setup of our country,promulgate or proclaim your notions and get ready to face the recrimination.jaswant singh had to become the scapegoat after he proclaimed his ideas via his book JINNAH:INDIA,PARTITION,INDEPENDENCE which according to bjp is one of the most controversial books and as in an interview he regarded jinnah to be a great and a secular man has set raves and sporadic aberrations in the political setup of our country.decried by the leader of bjp rajnath singh,jaswant singh was expelled from the party immidiately and the bjp has also absolved from having any kind of associations with the book.the decision came as a shock to jaswant singh who was saddened because of being expelled from the party after being a lynchpin for a prolonged period of time.is this the price that one needs to pay of eulogizing some political figure or anyone for that matter?is someone supposed to face recrimination if he tries to promulgate his ideas.we live in a land where we have the right to freedom of speech and expression.one can express his notions on facts or he can produce his hypothesis on anything,this obviously does not involve abysmally condemning or vitiating any public figure or anything which is sacrosanct or anything having any kind of sanctity associated with it.one also doese not have the rights to ethically condemn or criticize any religious practices,ethical principles or moral values but,one definitely has the right to regard a public image as great or impressionable if he feels so.it obviously attracts dissenters but it also violates freedom of expression then.pulverising one's ideology and notions at political level is testimony of the dearth that exists in the political setup of our country.the realm of thinking at the political level is highly dissatisfactory and paradoxial.the ineptitude of the majority of politicians living an errant and an ignorant life has precluded india from reaching the pinnacle which was envisaged long before by the great leaders that have been endeared by india.it is high time that youth participate and be given the powers for political administration of our country as the power in the right hands beholds the only hope that lies with the citizens of india for seeing us emerge as a superpower.what india needs now is not any kind of political propaganda which involves prejudicing people on secular basis instead it needs a pervading able administration that can avoid such cauldron of conflicting politics and only bring about the changes which shall shape up the development of our country.i hope expectations are looked into and india beholds emulating success.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

my take on 'into the wild'

'into the wild' was a movie that a friend of mine had reffered to me about an year back,although i was never much into watching movies with hypothetically candid themes or movies with accentuating drama,i did happen to watch it.honestly,it had an alluring effect on me unlike most of the movies.the character of chris mccandles played by emile hirsch is the lynchpin of the movie.the character has given a beautiful tinge of realism to the vitiated society as depicted in the movie.the movie is not a decried attempt on underlining the fact that our society lacks a number of essential entities and human values and is collaterally biased towards more of monetary based success rather than essential elements of life such as love,affection,care,brotherhood.etc.its neither a haggled attempt of proving a point to the audience,its a reality which depicts the consequences and outcomes on the mindset of a common youth which has lacked proper nurturing like most of the cases.overwhelming desires of parents,burden of responsibilities,overwhelming expectations,monetary based mindsets of people in general causes chris mccandles to reach a confound state where he beholds freedom and hapiness only by boycotting and evading from the usual society establishments and get a taste of the wild.staying in the wild away from the boundations of any human relationships is his way of feeling and experiencing freedom.but this was the point which got me into a perplexed state of mind.evading from the ground reality of our society's establishment and structure maybe a way of experiencing freedom but our purpose of life becomes paradoxial at the same time.everyone agrees that our society has an eccentric way of looking at a number of things at times but that is the way we have made it.its realm is commanded by the ideological and philosophical thinking of the common people.undoubtedly,its intransigence restricts our actions and our freedom but it has remained that way from a very long time and will remain to be the same unless we as its pillars make the efforts to change the outlook of people about a variety of things in life.often we are at loggerheads with a number of people about things that we find right and they dont this also includes quarrels with family,friends,acquaintances and a number of different people,but coming to stage of mutual understanding and agreement comes only by virtue of the fact that how much do we ponder before we make an underlining statement or present an ideational fact in front of others which is in a state of convincing them about our ideology.baseless wrangling is never a solution to changing mindset or outlook of our society.according to me effort has to be made by one and all to change outlook of the society about a number of things that we find wrong.changing the perception and outlook of people calls in for an ensnared effort with reasons that are viable and expedient.youth have an immense amount of trapped energy and enthusiasm inside them,it has to come out with a reason to bring about a change which is necessary and mutually agreed by everyone.undertaking such an effort is imperative as it is one of the purposes of our life to bring a change that is fruitful for everyone.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

what work means?

if i were to recollect some of the most impressionable and ideational days of my college life,i would definitely say that 2nd year was the time when i met a person with an impeccable personality.his name was 'ram pariksheet kumar',he resided along with a couple of my friends in a private hostel and thats how i had come in contact with him.he was a self composed person who never wrangled,complained or divuldged anything about himself or others,for this reason many of my friends found him very eccentric.he would always acknowledge,assess,ponder notions and ideas and then give an underlining statement which used to be a universally acceptable solution for any of the problems that my friends used to face in the private hostel.soon he had become a consultant for both their proffesional and personal related problems.hailing from a not very rich family affording education was difficult for him,although he had somehow managed to finish graduation his financial support to his family back in bihar was highly imperative as he had a younger brother and a sister pursuing studies and so he worked hard till late in the night as a sales worker.no matter how difficult the situations used to be,he never lost his patience,his intransigence in even such difficult circumstances was remarkable.i remember an incident on a saturday morning when my friends were getting ready and i was around to pick one of my friends and leave for college,someone decided to take an off and planned to go for a movie.moments later we all had agreed to miss the college and go for the movie.we thought of taking ram kumar along,i was the one who ended up persuading him to come along but in vain.ram kumar reprimanded such ideas in the first place and was always reluctant to come in situations like these.when we asked him that why he would never accompany us in such situations,he replied with a grin 'i have an appointment with god'.we laughed for sometime as if he had cracked a joke but later on when we asked him about what he exactly meant by his words he replied saying that to him his work was like an appointment with god,because it was by virtue of his work that he used to earn money and send it back to his house where it supported his family.it was by virtue of his work alone that his skill was reflected in front of his clients and seniors which would fetch him an appraisal.and as he was supposed to fend for himself it was again because of his work alone that he was able to do so.to him work was like god which had given him all those entities that were essential for him.his philosophy of work had left an everlasting impression in the minds of all of us who had known him.for him living an errant and a paradoxial life was not an option owing to the responsibilities and self righteousness that he had build inside him.today ram is a sales manager with amway co. ltd.surely ram will remain to be one of the most influential images in my life.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

live in deeds not in years

in the year 1995 when i was only 7 years old 'we live in deeds and not in years' was the first extempore topic of debate given to my senior school mates that i had witnessed,till then i had been oblivious to the concept of debate although i was a perennial choice of my teachers for assembly speaking,oration.etc by virtue of the fact that i was an ensnarer.but that topic of debate had left an everlasting impression on me even at such an early age.often such things are of trivial importance to one and many but to me it was merely not a parable but a fact that i confront perpetually.priorities with growing age become formidable,they get restructured, and they also get neglected sometimes these elements and entities lead to absolution.but are the priorities so difficult to manage that it is not important to leave an impression in mankind by virtue of what you are and not by what you have or posess? are we not supposed to serve the purpose that we are born for?.a man is neither born with assets,wealth,a multimillionaire fortune or anything nor will he die with any of these,if he leaves then its only the goodwill and the good memories of the times he cherished till the time he lived.
god has given us a small timespan of life,according to him our loved ones ought to die otherwise its difficult to acknowledge their love for us and feel their absence,often its our tendency to not spare enough time for people always around us and make them feel that how important their role is in our lives but once they are gone then we have a feeling of guilt questioning our conciousness and igniting the internal conflict within that how essential it was to spend quality time with them and how much we wanted to but could not love them.
certain people in life our very special,they leave an impeccable mark of their personality,character,friendship,love in our life but owing to the changes in life patterns today we never bother to drop them a mere message as a gesture of rememberance and respect,is it because of the priorities that keep us busy?is it because of the fact that we are too keen on achieving something distinct and eminent?or is it just because of ignorance that has slowly mesmerised our minds by virtue of the diplomacy and ego that we carry in dealing with people of varyingly aloof and versatile characters? a wisdom filled person would always point his finger to the third reason for all this absolution.everyone likes to feel important,everyone likes to feel their essence or presence among others but merely thriving on others to approach all the time and maintaining a diplomatic relation with all spoils the beauty and eloquency of life.people visit the best of restaurants,bars,pubs.etc and spend substantial amounts or part of their wealths at such places,but hardly anyone thinks about providing a poor beggar and his hungry wife and kids with even a miniscule amount with which they can fill up their hungry stomachs,people absolve from helping the poor and the needy,they absolve from taking care of their old grandparents or even parents for that matter,their ego precludes them from keeping terms with some friends or even dropping by a message.people hav started to live life in years,phases,seasons and not in deeds.it is much better to have a brief span of life and yet spread hapiness and joy around us,it is the purpose of life.living a life of kindness,goodwill,charity is much better than living a life of diplomacy,ignorance,futile and unproductive one.so 'live life in deeds and not in years' because inside we all know that if we havent accomplished the purpose of life itself then we never lived one!!