Tuesday, August 25, 2009

promulgate ideas and face recrimination

bjp's decision of expelling 'jaswant singh' has indeed become a topic of national interest,everyday i get to read new updates on recent developments with regards to the same.this clearly indicates the declining quality of political setup of our country,promulgate or proclaim your notions and get ready to face the recrimination.jaswant singh had to become the scapegoat after he proclaimed his ideas via his book JINNAH:INDIA,PARTITION,INDEPENDENCE which according to bjp is one of the most controversial books and as in an interview he regarded jinnah to be a great and a secular man has set raves and sporadic aberrations in the political setup of our country.decried by the leader of bjp rajnath singh,jaswant singh was expelled from the party immidiately and the bjp has also absolved from having any kind of associations with the book.the decision came as a shock to jaswant singh who was saddened because of being expelled from the party after being a lynchpin for a prolonged period of time.is this the price that one needs to pay of eulogizing some political figure or anyone for that matter?is someone supposed to face recrimination if he tries to promulgate his ideas.we live in a land where we have the right to freedom of speech and expression.one can express his notions on facts or he can produce his hypothesis on anything,this obviously does not involve abysmally condemning or vitiating any public figure or anything which is sacrosanct or anything having any kind of sanctity associated with it.one also doese not have the rights to ethically condemn or criticize any religious practices,ethical principles or moral values but,one definitely has the right to regard a public image as great or impressionable if he feels so.it obviously attracts dissenters but it also violates freedom of expression then.pulverising one's ideology and notions at political level is testimony of the dearth that exists in the political setup of our country.the realm of thinking at the political level is highly dissatisfactory and paradoxial.the ineptitude of the majority of politicians living an errant and an ignorant life has precluded india from reaching the pinnacle which was envisaged long before by the great leaders that have been endeared by india.it is high time that youth participate and be given the powers for political administration of our country as the power in the right hands beholds the only hope that lies with the citizens of india for seeing us emerge as a superpower.what india needs now is not any kind of political propaganda which involves prejudicing people on secular basis instead it needs a pervading able administration that can avoid such cauldron of conflicting politics and only bring about the changes which shall shape up the development of our country.i hope expectations are looked into and india beholds emulating success.

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